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Benefits of Service

100% original content that will pass Copyscape every single time guaranteed.

Thoroughly researched topics so you get the highest quality content your readers will love to consume and benefit from.

Content delivered on time every time so you can continue to do what makes money...

I Over-Deliver... Why?- Because you'll use me over and over and tell others about me.

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Write an e-book about investing in commercial real estate
Great job! As promised. Quick delivery.


Autoresponder Madness Trained Copywriter/Article Writer
Thanks a lot. You did a very good job. Highly recommend.
ecommerce writer -Wonderful job!
Blog Cleanup- Product Review Post
This provider was great to work with- I recommend!
Tips for hiring the right contractor. I need short scripts for videos. r> Excellent work!
How to find the right agent to work with in NY r> GrGreat writer, Highly recommended!
Quick Sales Page Rewrite Needed- r> Freelancer worked quickly and efficiently providing excellent quality copy. Plan on hiring him again soon!

Hello, William Cato here. Thank you for your interest in my freelance copywriting service. Maybe you’re visiting my profile because you are curious about hiring a freelance copywriter. Maybe you have never hired a copywriter before and really don’t know what to expect.

Others think that copywriters on sites such as this one are no more important than any other writer and basically think that we are all cut from the same cloth. This is hardly the case. There are many talented writers on this site today that can whoop the pants off of me when it comes to writing content. However, the tables turn when it comes to persuading a potential client to take action.

That’s copy, Sales-man-ship in print.

You may have a great site, good content, excellent graphics and plenty of traffic. If so, then you may be asking yourself “now what?”

The answer to this question will depend on your business model.

· Are you getting leads?

· Are you selling products or services?

· Or do you want to? If not then you may not need my services.

Whatever your reason for stopping by this page, you want to know more about the freelance copywriter before you hire. If we were on the phone or sitting in your office chatting you would ask me a few questions. So before we go any further let me answer a few of those questions you may be thinking, right here before you go any further.

What are Your Qualifications as a Copywriter?

For as long as I can remember, I love to read. When I was in grade school, I believe I was in the 5th or 6th grade; the teacher would have us write stories using all 20 spelling words for the week. When most of the kids would hand in a page or two for the assignment, I would hand in 10 to 20 pages. Each page filled front and back.

My teacher told me that I was going to be a writer someday, and encouraged me in that direction. I spent most of my time writing fiction until I was 25 years old.

It wasn’t until mid-March of 2004, as I was recovering from an almost fatal car accident, that I began selling items on eBay. I noticed a few auctions that sold the exact same items as mine but, their auctions sold at much higher prices.

I did what any sane person would do and emailed the sellers and ask what I could do that would help my auctions sell like theirs. It took almost a month then I received an email with only two words: “Study Copywriting.”

Within a week I had found a top-notch copywriter that had sold over $500 billion dollars worth of merchandise and services that was willing to help me on the road to mastering my craft.

In August of 2010, I decided to leave the mundane workforce as a master plumber and became a freelance copywriter and I haven’t look back.

Most of my copywriting experience has been used working on my own project through direct mail and on the Internet. I have sold everything from beauty products to digital software. From dial-up and high-speed Internet, web hosting, and telecom service. Multi-level Marketing programs, and commercial real estate.

Do you Specialize?

I specialize in content creation and direct response short Copy for the service contractor and can handle a wide range of content for you, including:

ArticlesBlog PostsBanner Ad-CopyeBooksClassified Ad'seBay DescriptionsEcommerce CopywritingEmail CopyPress ReleasesCatalog CopyRadio- Video ScriptsSales Letters        I have an ability to write clear, credible persuasive copy that is on a broad spectrum of topics – including health, wealth, self & home improvement, and everything in between. The only thing I don’t handle is gambling and erotic content. If you look at my test scores you will see that I am one of the top 20% of copywriters on this board.

 Copy that gets Results!

I have a client that has a product line that he sells on Amazon. He was getting about a 6% response rate which most marketers would kill for. I wrote a hybrid sales copy/ product page with a focused story. My copy out pulled his by a whopping 12% in the first few days.
 Needless to say, he was very delighted.

You can view samples of my writing skills by going to my portfolio. Also be sure to look at the feedback that I have received from my clients.

What you can expect from my Copywriting service

Every word that I write for your project will be written by me personally. I do not have a copy cub working with me or a team of writers. I believe that it is important to keep one voice and style throughout the project. Your readers will know if it isn’t, and you will too-in lost sales.

Hiring me is Super Simple –
I use, I love using Escrow over other payment processors,, plus your money is secured until you are satisfied with the project.

· Once hired all you have to do is open up a discussion with me about your project using the private messenger in the workroom at

· Tell me about your project and how you want it handled.

· Before writing a word on the page you’ll have to fund escrow 100%.

· I will conduct my research; create the first draft for your review to ensure it meets your desired style, standard, and tone.

· Once you accept the first draft, then I will complete the project.

· Escrow should be released upon acceptance of the creatives.

·I have Fast turnaround times, along with daily communications

Note: eBooks- Upon award of the project and funding of escrow, I will create an outline, title page, and table of contents for your review. Then I will send the first chapter to you to ensure it meets your desired style and tone before completion.

What you should not expect from my Copywriting Service

“I am a copywriter… not a graphic designer.”

Services do not include:
GraphicsPhotosScreen CaptureVideos
If you want this kind of creative’s you should hire the appropriate service contractor. The reason I don’t include or even use vendors for this kind of creative is that my taste may differ from yours.

My goal is simple; establish ongoing-relationships with all my clients. I like happy repeat clients.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

William Cato-Freelance Copywriter-Ghostwriter