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As a Article writer my goal is simple; establish ongoing-relationships with all my clients. I like happy repeat clients.

Who Else wants custom Service Articles that increases your Audience, explodes sales and Website Traffic?

As a Article writer, specializing in service content for contractors, seo companies, and webmasters,  I know the time and talent constraints business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketing companies face when it comes to completing the day to day tasks that needs done in order help your business move forward and succeed.

I’m here to take the content portion off your hands, so you can focus on your daily business.

I can handle a wide range of content for you, including:

ü  Articles
ü  eBooks
ü  Blog posts
ü  Description Copy
ü  Email Auto-responder Copy
ü  Landing Pages and Website content
ü  Press Release content
ü  Video Scripts
ü  Social Media content
ü  Short reports ($7 or lead magnets)
ü  SEO Content (included for web copy)
ü  Video Sales letters

I have written for clients in construction,marketing (online and off,) real estate, pet, health, fitness and Make money online.

 I can write on a broad spectrum of topics- The only thing I don’t handle is erotic content.

When I write for you, you’ll get:

·         Quality Content that you’re audience will enjoy and search engines will index.
·         Fast turnaround times.
·         Great content at a surprisingly affordable price!

If you are a service contractor, there is a good chance that I can help you attract your target audience, get more traffic to your website, and increase sales, all through the written word.  I began ghost writing back in 2009, helping service contractors get more exposure in your local area for a fraction of the cost of a small yellow page advertisement.

You see I was in your position, when I decided to open a plumbing repair company. I didn’t want to pay the high yellow page prices, plus the high cost of traditional marketing, but I needed to be visible to my target prospects.

What I did was write search engine optimized content and marketed it online for my local area. The results were astounding-to the tune of over $60,000 in the first 6 months.  My phone rang off the hook and still to this day, even though I closed my plumbing company 2 years ago, and stop all my campaigns, I still get calls. 

That’s leverage.

Maybe I can help you too.

Successful clients that I work with have a clear marketing strategy already in place; they just need help with creating great a content plan online executing that plan a manageable way.

If you think you would like to work with me as your article writer, just contact me using the handy form on the right side bar (be sure to leave a contact number in the message area.). Even if you don’t use me as your copywriter for your service contracting company, you will at the very least gain some clarity for your project just by talking with me for a few minutes.

What do you have to lose?

Complete the form to the right  and I will get in touch with you in the next 24 hours.

 It is critical that you get your message out powerfully and persuasively. You must make an impression. When I write for you it will.

I am a self taught copywriter specializing in direct response copy and article ghost writer for small businesses, internet marketing and the real estate market.

Before I became an article writer I was a master plumber in the plumbing/heating and air conditioning field and owned and operated a small ISP and web hosting company, which gives me extensive experience in the home improvement and web development industry. 

My background and training makes me an ideal writer for email copy writing, sales and marketing letters, web-site and SEO articles, contractor service articles. Short e-Books, catalog copy, Amazon product descriptions, reviews, and sales related material.

My Clients include, SEO companies, real estate agencies, Amazon and Click bank vendors, internet marketing companies, and small business and service companies.

I know what it means to have others rely on my writing service. I know what it means to live up  to expectations, that’s why when you work with me I will meet your deadlines, I’ll take care of what you need, knowing you are counting on me to deliver in a timely manner.

I encourage you to check out my portfolio today and see if my writing style matches the kind of writer you are looking for. Also be sure to read my client's testimonials, to see what they had to say about my copy writing service.

Note: I never outsource my content. When you hire me, I’m the one who will be working for you.

Join my writing special announcement list today and only be notified when I have specials deals on my writing service. This is not a newsletter or marketing list, just a simple courtesy announcement list. 


William Cato

Freelance copywriter/article writer

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William Cato is a freelance copywriter specializing in the building trade’s, home improvement, real estate and service contractor collateral.