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Hitachi 18V Drill Review

A review of the Hitachi cordless 18 Volt DS18DSAL Compact Drill, benefits, features and performance for the professional and do it yourself enthusiast.

Hitachi cordless 18V DS18DSAL Drill,

Hitachi cordless 18V DS18DSAL Drill is one of the most ergonomic, cordless drills on the market today, for general use. The Hitachi brand is considered by professionals and do-it-yourself enthusiasts, as one of most popular on the market, by quality and price.

 Hitachi cordless 18V DS18DSAL drill, is it any good?

The Hitachi cordless 18 Volt DS18DSAL Drill is a great drill for use around the farm, home or shop. Though it's a hard nut for "DIY" purist and many professionals in construction and remodels industry, Hitachi builds some of the best power tools for 3 reasons:

Endurance: The Lithium Ion batteries were made to last in rough conditions. The body even though made from plastic has lasted without cracking or breaking from a few falls from a six-foot latter. Primarily due to the belt hook. I'll talk more about that in a moment.
Torque: This drill comes with a low and high shift knob at the top of the body. In low gear, the drill has over 354 in. lbs.  And high 531 in. lbs. That's enough torque to drive a 5/8"X3" lag bolt, or a soft number 10x3" wood screw through any species of wood as long as you pre-drill a pilot hole first.
Ergonomics: Hitachi, is known for their ergonomically comfort grip, plus it is lightweight of this model makes it ideal for long periods of assembly, drilling holes for plumbing or electrical.

Hitachi cordless 18V DS18DSAL drill, on a scale of one to ten I give it a score of seven. Read on to find out why.

Hitachi cordless 18V DS18DSAL pros
Ergonomic Grip handle is Hitachi's signature ergonomic design makes this drill extremely well-balanced and comfortable for extended use.
½"metal  keyless chuck with an automatic spindle lock mechanism for quick bit changes
Fast battery charging. From almost a flat dead charge from my test and use the battery has always charged in about 45 minutes. With the exception of extreme cold, the battery charged fully in one hour.
LED light is a convenient function to have on any drill. The light points upwards from the base of the tool which allows you to see the work area, the bit tip and helps avoid casting shadows. Definitely a huge safety feature.
Lightweight due to Hitachi using the latest technology of lithium-Ion battery which features a thinner sleeker design. This powerful cordless drill weighs in at 3pounds and 7 ounces and makes it the lightest in its class over similar competitors, especially Dewalt, and Milwaukee.

Hitachi cordless 18V DS18DSAL cons.

   • No magnetic Tool tray: Though not really important if you wear a tool belt to hold your screws. Though, it would be a nice feature when strapping plumbing overhead or working on a ladder.
   • No extra attachment holders. This cordless drill only has one holder for the screwdriver attachment that is provided in the box at the base of the body. It would be a nice feature to see a small caddy that holds more. Possibly, where the nameplate is located.
   • No onboard battery fuel gauge: The only way to gauge the life of your battery is the tool itself. When it slows down in power then you need to switch out batteries and charge it.
   • The belt hook is a nuisance. Since I have owned this drill, it has slipped from my belt and crashed to the concrete floor in my shop. After the third time, I decided to remedy this problem by wearing my tool belt on ladders or in the air. It rests comfortably in a drill holster made by Hitachi. 

Hitachi 18V DS18DSAL Drill Down

Earlier I gave the Hitachi cordless 18V DS18DSAL Drill a seven out of ten rating. The reason it wasn't an 8,9 or even 10, simply because of the cons. The Ryobi, drill which is a cheaper drill, has the magnetic plate for screws on the handle. Other drills in the price range of the one reviewed have the other features also mentioned in the cons above.

 My first Hitachi drill was back in 2005. I had purchased a 14Volt drill that received a lot of use on the job. Though it wasn't big enough to do a lot of work, later that year, I purchased the Hitachi 18volt 4 piece combination kit. These tools used the old style EB1830HL, batteries. They didn't have half the life the new Lithium Ion batteries do and these earlier models were not as tough as Dewalt, Milwaukee or Rigid tools. The thing that I like about Hitachi tools, then and now, is the ergonomic handle and how lightweight the drill was made. This is a big factor when using tools all day long.

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All in all, this Hitachi 18V DS18DSAL Drill is a great addition to any shop or tool bag. 

William Cato is a freelance copywriter specializing in the building trade’s, home improvement, real estate and service contractor collateral. 

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