Wednesday, June 7, 2017

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Google Plus Pages Private Practice Dentist

If you’re a dentist with a private practice, one sure fire way to get more clients through your door is to become a social dental “tycoon,” for your local area. Sneak a peek into your waiting room and you will see many actively on their smart phone, and lap tops.
What are they doing? More than likely they are interacting with friends on social media sites like Google plus, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. Some may even be searching for places to shop or a place to eat after their appointment.
That’s the key. Your clients are searching for something or someone; and more times than not they found you’re business through local search or a recommendation from a friend in their social circles. Why not take advantage of the eight hundred pound gorilla of the internet and promote your local private dental practice using Google plus page?
In just a moment you will discover 10 reasons why Dentist with private practices needs a Google plus Page.

Top 10 reasons why private practice dentist needs a Google plus business Page

1.      Powerful local free advertising: When dentists think about advertising, you see billboards on the side of the road, a one page yellow book ad, or a 1/3 page ad in your local newspaper. You also envision your wallet drain of profits. Not so if you use Google plus business page, welcome to the 21st century. Using a Google plus business page is like using all those old ad mediums rolled into one spot. Powerful advertising and branding medium like no other.
2.      Local Searchers: The yellow page book is not the first place potential clients look to find a local dentist. Today, your potential clients are turning to their smart phones and searching for a city dentist using Google search. Google wants relevant content and produces pages to searchers that meet or exceed their search criteria. The first place they look is on their own network such as Google plus business pages.
3.      Clients and your dental practice ratings: The great thing about Google plus pages, real clients can leave feedback on how well your dentistry has treated them in the way of ratings and reviews. These ratings will affect your local SEO value and will show up on Google’s search. Treat your clientele right and you can be sure to dominate your city as the go to private practice dentist. 
4.      SEO and your private dental practice: The great benefit of having a Google plus business page is the fact your posts will be index, not only on Google plus but on Google’s search engine. It is important to stay active and post daily.
5.      Brand Your business: Google plus pages make it easy to brand your business. You can add your logo and photo of yourself, and partners, along with your USP right on the header of your page and you have all the ingredients for a winning situation on a major social and advertising platform.
6.      Interact with clients: Google makes it easy to interact with your clients. If your client is on the Google Plus platform you can add them to your client circle and if they circle you back you can keep them informed on any promotions and specials you run from your dental practice.
7.      Promote a special offer: You can promote special offers to your clients and potential clients right from your Google plus business page. Let’s say you just want to drum up a little business. You have hundreds of clients and potential from your local area, all you have to do is write a post informing your client circle that your dental practice is having a special.  
8.      Stay informed with colleagues: You can also use communities to collaborate with colleagues across the globe. All you have to do is click the “home” button in your dashboard, scroll down to communities and search for Dental practitioners or any keyword you like to uncover hundreds of groups within your field.
9.      Garner trust: Google plus pages allows you to garner trust inside and out of your community. If you want a thriving dentist private practice, posting daily, commenting on other businesses pages in your local area, and helping others where you can without the thought of receiving a reward will not only help your business but you will garner trust with the Google plus pages community.
10.  All the marketing tools in one place:  Businesses including private dental practitioner such as yourself, can benefit greatly from the expensive, not to mention exhausting overload of marketing of your dental practice.
Google plus pages can be your website because it integrates with local search which replaces the yellow pages. Your profile page acts like your bill board with your business logo and unique selling proposition. People in your local are will see this every time you post. Not to mention your business page on Google Plus, can save you time and a lot of money by being able to set up events and advertise specials without the costly expense of newspaper advertising.
What are you waiting for? It’s time to get moving with Google plus pages, and become the authority in your local area, doing what you want to do as a private practice dentist.

Business owners… How would you like to become the authority in your local area? 
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William Cato is a freelance copywriter specializing in the building trade’s, home improvement, real estate and service contractor collateral.