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ANEW REVERSALIST Illuminating Eye System

If you have PLR (private label right) articles, chances are you may never use them
and that’s too bad because, they were created with you and your pocket book in

The creator of the article or article packs you purchased spent some time
researching what others were searching for online and that means if you have
private label right articles on your hard drive, chances are very good that there are
thousands of searchers looking for the information that you have.

The only problem with PLR is that many other people have the same article or pack
as you do. In order to differentiate you from the others is to rewrite or re-format it.

Since I am not a professional videographer or an audio voice over artist, there are
plenty of ways to re-write any PLR article that will be original enough to not look
like duplicate content for the search engines, or, and even get them
published on ezine

Why Spinners are a bad idea

There are many that try to use spinner software to chance adjectives and verbs to
produce a unique article. The problem with spinners is that it doesn’t make them
unique all they do is change adjective to verbs and reword the article.

Sometimes these spinners will leave you to rewrite it anyway because they will not
make sense to human readers.

How my Rewriting service is different from others

I do not rewrite articles with spinner software or change words around to make it
look different. When I rewrite an article I re-research, re purpose for even better
response and then rewrite the article.

PLR Example

Below is a raw PLR article about freelance writing. This article is just as I got it from
the PLR vendor. Hundreds of other people have this same article and I am using it
as an example.

Can Article Marketing Help Your Business

Can article marketing help your business? The answer is yes
because not only are you able to post your articles for free
but you get to reach a specific audience that is interested
in your product or service.

Article marketing can help your business the minute you
submit these to different article directories. If these are
approved for posting, people will be able to visit your site
or may want to get in touch with you as they click the link
or look at the resource box.

The resource box is usually found at the bottom of the web
page. Here, writers can put their name, website and email.

If your article had a significant impact on the reader and
they would like to post your article in their websites, they
can do so which means more people will be able to see your
work without you having to do anything.

Articles that are posted in directories usually ask you for
keywords so this can easily be found when someone visits the
site. These keywords are also given to search engines so if
people type it in, your article will also appear and they
will be able to view it.

Another way of getting people to see your site is giving
this in the form of a report or e-book to potential
customers. With all the information there, that person will
surely want to know more and get in touch with you in the

People who are serious about article marketing have to
venues where the articles can be displayed. The first is
high traffic distribution sites while the second is
submitted to highly relevant niche publishers. The
difference between the two is that although the second will
not be read by many, it will be easy for those who run this
site to refer qualified visitors to the author.

It doesn’t matter if the article you are writing about is
for a small, medium or large business because there are ways
to promote it. For instance, if your article is for a small
restaurant, you should put in the title something related to
the location of the establishment. The same goes for the
medium and large scale business. The key here is to come up
with a catchy title that your audience can relate to.

Of course there are other ways of promoting your business
such as paying for pop up ads and meta-tags. But why would
you spend when you can get this for free? So, take advantage
of this free marketing tool and see what it can do as it has

done for others. You surely wouldn’t want to pass up on the
chance so write something about your business or get someone
to do it for you.

Is article marketing better than conventional print

The answer is yes because people will easily
find your article by typing in some keywords. Print
publication on the other hand is difficult because you will
have to browse through how many back issues of newspapers
and magazines just to find it.

Also, conventional publication is only relevant to the time
it was written. The online form will be there for many years
ahead as this information is stored somewhere in the cyber
space. Just make sure this is updated if something new comes
along so you are sure that article marketing is able to help
your business.

Here is the Re-written article

Now here is the same article rewritten and re purposed. Not only did I rewrite the
article and add my own article marketing flair and voice to it, but published it to

At the end of the this example, you will see this rewritten and repurposed article on website.

Ready, here it is…

3 Basic Laws of Article Marketing

Article marketing on the Internet is one of the easiest and least
expensive marketing ploys to get your business in front of new
prospects. By writing niche specific articles and submitting them to
article directories is a sure fire way to get interested customers to
shop at your website.

Marketing with Articles can help your business grow by leaps and
bounds, and the best part is it’s free advertisement. Once you have an
article submitted and approved in a directory your new prospect may
visit your website by clicking on a link you have in your resource
box, more about this part in just a moment.

This means more traffic, leads and sales from your virtual store.

What a resource box can do for your business

If you done a little bit of research before creating your article,
then you already know that you’re creative would have an impact on
your reader, and the bigger the impact the more traffic you will

More traffic equals more leads and sales. This all happens when you
have a solid resource box that has one purpose in mind, getting

The resource box is just at the conclusion of your article. A general
resource box normally called the authors bio box has the business or
writers name, email address and website address.

The kind of resource box we are discussing here is what I like to term
as a direct response resource box. Instead of having information about
whom written the article, it would have a purpose for the reader to
click the link for more information.

Sidebar: A good example of a direct response resource box can be found at the
end of this article.

Finding Keywords for your article

Most articles posted in directories usually are optimized for search
engines. Also known as search engine optimization for articles. This
is done by gathering keywords for your article by way of web based or
even software driven keyword tool programs.

You gather keywords for an article usually during the research
process. Keywords are the word terms inputted into a search engines
search box by a searcher.

In order to optimize your article properly, you will need to use your
main keyword in the title of your article, the sub headings, in the
last sentence of your article and use the keyword at least once for
every one hundred words in the body of your article.

Over optimizing an article with your keywords may give you a higher
relevance on search engines but humans would not be able to understand
the article. So begin, by writing for humans first and search engine

How to Profit from article marketing

The purpose of article marketing is to gain exposure for your business
without breaking your bank account with paid advertising. There are 3
great sources that you can use to distribute your articles. Once you
start seeing results from your article marketing efforts you will be
hooked. People who are serious about article marketing have to

1. Article directories: Article directories are high traffic sites with many publishers scouring through literally millions of articles, looking for a unique quality article that they can publish on their website or newsletter. These article directories are usually free to post because they earn money from contextual advertising.
2. Ezine and newsletter publishers: You can submit your article directly to Ezine and newsletter publishers in your niche. You dothis much like submitting an article to a magazine editor. First you need subscribe to their newsletter. Get the publishers email address and send them a letter with a brief excerpt of your article.

3. Blog publishers: find high traffic blogs in your niche that you would like to write for and check the terms of service on their
blog. If you see that they regularly publish articles from other writers then there is a good chance that they will publish yours. Use the same criteria in step 2.


There you have it, you have just learned the 3 basic laws of article marketing. Why article marketing is cheaper than advertising, how to optimize your article for the search engines and how to publish your articles to article directories and other publishers on the internet.

William Cato is a freelance copywriter specializing in the building trade’s, home improvement, real estate and service contractor collateral. Visit my website to learn more about Private Label Rights and PLR articles.


5 Steps To Unclogging Your Toilet

Oh no,  a clogged toilet. You know that sinking feeling when the flush your toilet and it  just doesn’t sound right. You turn to see that the water is just not going down – or worse  the water level is on an upward incline, like lava overflowing from a volcano.
Dealing with a clogged toilet is never pleasant, and it can be extremely annoying. However, it is usually not a job that requires the expertise of a plumber. Clogged toilets can often be fixed relatively easy with these 5 easy tips unclogging your toilet or less. Hopefully, less 

Here are the 5 Steps To Unclogging Your Toilet

1.        Your first step in unclogging your toilet is to put on some rubber gloves and put down some old newspaper or towels you are willing to part with on the floor. If it overflows, you’re not going to want what comes out all over your bath room floor.
2.        Next, get a bucket of cold water and pour it down the drain. You want the water to have some pressure behind it, so stand up and pour it from around chest level. Make sure not to pour too fast – if the water is not helping to push out the clog, then it will only sit in the bowl. Make sure you don’t pour it to over halfway up the bowl in case you have to use your plunger – it will only splash everywhere.
3.        If that doesn’t work, it is time to turn off the water supply and grab the plunger. The plunger needs to be underwater for the best results, so if there is not enough water in the bowl, add some so that the plunger is submerged. Make sure the plunger covers the hole in the bowl entirely. This will create a seal and allow air pressure to do the work. Then give it a few firm, fast pumps. Sometimes this will do the trick right away and the water will drain.
4.        If the plunger is not working, sometimes a combination plan is required. Get some hot water – but not boiling – and dump it into the bowl. Then, add a few squirts of dish washing detergent. Allow to sit and break up the blockage. Then plunge again. Sometimes by alternating these steps will break up a tough clog.
5.        Should these tips fall short, this last tip you have up your sleeve is a toilet auger. You need to be careful not to scratch your toilet bowl. Simply insert the end of the auger with the rubber or plastic guard into the trap. Then slowly turn the handle and feed the auger coil into the trap. You should feel the clog once the auger reaches it.

If All Fails 

Should all of this fail, then it is time to call your plumber to snake out your drain with power auger. And Please do not use Chemical drain cleaners. These cleaners use acid to break up a clog and can cause damage to your toilet, pipes and you or your plumber.

Almost every clogged toilet can be fixed at home without professional help, simply by following these 5 Easy Tips Unclogging Your Toilet.

William Cato is a freelance copywriter specializing in the building trade’s, home improvement, real estate and service contractor collateral. 

Google Plus Pages

Google Plus Pages Private Practice Dentist

If you’re a dentist with a private practice, one sure fire way to get more clients through your door is to become a social dental “tycoon,” for your local area. Sneak a peek into your waiting room and you will see many actively on their smart phone, and lap tops.
What are they doing? More than likely they are interacting with friends on social media sites like Google plus, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. Some may even be searching for places to shop or a place to eat after their appointment.
That’s the key. Your clients are searching for something or someone; and more times than not they found you’re business through local search or a recommendation from a friend in their social circles. Why not take advantage of the eight hundred pound gorilla of the internet and promote your local private dental practice using Google plus page?
In just a moment you will discover 10 reasons why Dentist with private practices needs a Google plus Page.

Top 10 reasons why private practice dentist needs a Google plus business Page

1.      Powerful local free advertising: When dentists think about advertising, you see billboards on the side of the road, a one page yellow book ad, or a 1/3 page ad in your local newspaper. You also envision your wallet drain of profits. Not so if you use Google plus business page, welcome to the 21st century. Using a Google plus business page is like using all those old ad mediums rolled into one spot. Powerful advertising and branding medium like no other.
2.      Local Searchers: The yellow page book is not the first place potential clients look to find a local dentist. Today, your potential clients are turning to their smart phones and searching for a city dentist using Google search. Google wants relevant content and produces pages to searchers that meet or exceed their search criteria. The first place they look is on their own network such as Google plus business pages.
3.      Clients and your dental practice ratings: The great thing about Google plus pages, real clients can leave feedback on how well your dentistry has treated them in the way of ratings and reviews. These ratings will affect your local SEO value and will show up on Google’s search. Treat your clientele right and you can be sure to dominate your city as the go to private practice dentist. 
4.      SEO and your private dental practice: The great benefit of having a Google plus business page is the fact your posts will be index, not only on Google plus but on Google’s search engine. It is important to stay active and post daily.
5.      Brand Your business: Google plus pages make it easy to brand your business. You can add your logo and photo of yourself, and partners, along with your USP right on the header of your page and you have all the ingredients for a winning situation on a major social and advertising platform.
6.      Interact with clients: Google makes it easy to interact with your clients. If your client is on the Google Plus platform you can add them to your client circle and if they circle you back you can keep them informed on any promotions and specials you run from your dental practice.
7.      Promote a special offer: You can promote special offers to your clients and potential clients right from your Google plus business page. Let’s say you just want to drum up a little business. You have hundreds of clients and potential from your local area, all you have to do is write a post informing your client circle that your dental practice is having a special.  
8.      Stay informed with colleagues: You can also use communities to collaborate with colleagues across the globe. All you have to do is click the “home” button in your dashboard, scroll down to communities and search for Dental practitioners or any keyword you like to uncover hundreds of groups within your field.
9.      Garner trust: Google plus pages allows you to garner trust inside and out of your community. If you want a thriving dentist private practice, posting daily, commenting on other businesses pages in your local area, and helping others where you can without the thought of receiving a reward will not only help your business but you will garner trust with the Google plus pages community.
10.  All the marketing tools in one place:  Businesses including private dental practitioner such as yourself, can benefit greatly from the expensive, not to mention exhausting overload of marketing of your dental practice.
Google plus pages can be your website because it integrates with local search which replaces the yellow pages. Your profile page acts like your bill board with your business logo and unique selling proposition. People in your local are will see this every time you post. Not to mention your business page on Google Plus, can save you time and a lot of money by being able to set up events and advertise specials without the costly expense of newspaper advertising.
What are you waiting for? It’s time to get moving with Google plus pages, and become the authority in your local area, doing what you want to do as a private practice dentist.

Business owners… How would you like to become the authority in your local area? 
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William Cato is a freelance copywriter specializing in the building trade’s, home improvement, real estate and service contractor collateral. 

How to hire a reputable high rise window cleaning company

One day, one of my business associates met up with me after conducting a day of interviews with several high rise window companies and asked me this question:

"How do you know when the company is the right one before you hire them?"

My quick answer was “you don’t” Our company has had to let a few Window cleaning companies go because of ongoing neglect of safety for our clients, themselves and pedestrians on the street.

When you are looking at credentials and impressive jobs a high rise window cleaning company may have, the bid might be better than the company really is and I am  a firm believer that the interview needs to be a good judge of character; Know what overall safety and moral demands  we are looking for; Etc...

I think it helps to first ask yourself what you are looking for in a good window cleaning company. Yes, the window cleaning skills are important. Safety is important. But the right mindset to manage their employee’s in safety and technical skill. I like to see crew leaders and managers that are detail-oriented, constantly inspecting their crews work.

Another thing I ask myself is what type of person do I want representing my company? This has to do with their people skills, their attitude, their work ethic, their ability to be humble enough to recognize when they have made a mistake, when they need to ask a question, while having the determination to make it right.

 what I look for in a High rise window cleaning company

I want them to be hard workers, but not past the point of being safe. I want them to be open-minded, flexible, and able to make rational decisions that need to be made while on the side of the building. prioritize and re-prioritize depending upon changing situations. It is my opinion that leaders need to have good time management skills. I want to know that they feel comfortable enough to ask questions.

Even though a high rise window cleaning company, are sub-contractors, they need to reflect our company's professional image, while working on the property. Here are a few tips of what I look for before conducting an interview.

1.    Talk to several high rise window cleaning companies and narrow down your bids to those with comparable rates. Then, you need to determine whether they have an upstanding reputation or bad track record with customer service. An easy way to find this information is by checking with the better business bureau (BBB) and Angie’s list comes in handy as well, since most high rise window cleaners also handle residential clients and store front businesses.

2.    Get references from other managers with buildings comparable to yours. Consider using a service that pre-screen contractors in advance so you know your choices are reputable.
3.     Ask about travel time expenses, cost of supplies, ongoing training, OSHA inspections and any other "extras" you might find on your final bill. Often times, there are ways to reduce the price you pay.  For instance, you can lease your maintenance scaffold to the window cleaning company in order to insure safety and lower cost.
Questions you should ask during the interview:

The Interviewing Process

When I am interviewing an owner or project manager I ask a several questions the most important ones that come to mind are:

·         Dress code. This is important not only to our image but to our clients as well. If an window cleaner comes into the building and is dressed in shorts with holes in them and a grease stained t-shirt, this is a bad image to present not only their company as a whole but ours as well. I like have employees in uniform, even if they dress like spider-man.
·         Professional conduct among all employees is really hard to find. I have seen window cleaning employees make very nasty gestures while outside on the building. Even though they couldn’t see in we could see out.
·         Customer service is another issue all together. I like to ask what if questions just to see what they will do in different situations.
·         Company equipment. We generally like to lease our maintenance scaffold to the high rise window cleaning company. All the equipment is in place and inspected on a weekly basis, and is large enough to hold four people. So, if they lease the equipment I want to know from the contractor how they plan on leaving the equipment when they are done using it. This is when I check all licenses, insurance and certifications before making a decision.

William Cato is a freelance copywriter specializing in the building trade’s, home improvement, real estate and service contractor collateral. 

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